Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Hollow Roadway Improvements Continue. Greenwood Road Improvements Begin. Water Service Replacements Begin on Rebecca Lane.

Work Completed Last Week, July 18th to July 23rd
·         Completed water main installation along Rebecca Lane
·         Started performing necessary testing to place newly installed water main along Rebecca Lane into service
·         Completed storm sewer improvements along Rebecca Lane
·         Performed excavations in preparation for water service replacement along Rebecca Lane
·         Trench patching along Lawson Road
·         Install and grade topsoil along Lawson Road
·         Complete roadway excavation and installation of aggregate base course along Happy Hollow Road
·         Installed string line along Happy Hollow Road in preparation for concrete curb & gutter installation along Happy Hollow Road
·         Graded aggregate base under proposed concrete curb & gutter in preparation for pouring along Happy Hollow Road
·         Poured concrete curb & gutter on Happy Hollow Road
·         Graded and prepared for pouring concrete driveways along Happy Hollow Road

Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, July 25th to July 29th 
·         Pour concrete driveways along Happy Hollow Road
·         Pour remaining concrete curb & gutter along Happy Hollow Road
·         Pour remaining concrete sidewalks along Happy Hollow Road
·         Rough grading of landscape behind curb & gutter along Happy Hollow Road
·         Grading of roadway in preparation for asphalt pavement along Happy Hollow Road
·         Pave first layers of asphalt pavement along Happy Hollow Road, scheduled for Friday, July 29th
·         Removal of a portion of concrete pavement along Greenwood Road at Happy Hollow Road and Rebecca Lane
·         Pouring concrete pavement along Greenwood Road at Happy Hollow Road and Rebecca Lane
·         Water Service Replacements along Rebecca Lane
·         Depending on work progress and scheduling, milling existing asphalt along Lawson Road and Rebecca Lane.

 Along Rebecca Lane, the required testing and process to receive the necessary approvals to place the new water main into service is underway. We are anticipating getting all approvals the beginning of next week. The contractor has started excavating for water service replacements, with anticipation of beginning water service replacement on Monday or Tuesday. Water services will be replaced from the new water main to the existing valve and box located in front of each home. During the water service replacement, water to individual homes will be shut-off for approximately 2-3 hours while the transition from the old service to the new service is made. The contractor will notify each resident individually regarding the approximate time and day of the water shut-off prior to turning off the water.

Once the water service replacements along Rebecca Lane are completed, the contractor will begin the roadway improvements phase of the project on Rebecca Lane. The roadway improvements will include patching the excavated area, milling the top surface off the existing pavement, making spot concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk repairs, and installing a new asphalt surface layer. The roadway improvements are not as significant as those occurring along Happy Hollow Road, where the entire roadway is being reconstructed.

Happy Hollow has had a lot of activity over the past week in preparation for the concrete curb & gutter installation. It is anticipated all the concrete curb & gutter, sidewalk, and driveway work will be completed by the middle of next week. The only exception is the driveway entrance to Willowbrook School which will be completed after access to all other driveways is restored.

If all goes as planned and there are no significant delays in production or due to weather, the first layers of asphalt pavement will be installed along Happy Hollow Road by the end of next week. Once the first layers of asphalt pavement are installed, the amount of dust will be greatly reduced and driveway access will be restored. We are extremely grateful for the patience and understanding from all the residents that live along Happy Hollow Road. These residents will be without driveway access for over a week to allow for the concrete installation and curing, as well as the roadway paving to be performed in the most efficient manner possible.  THANK YOU!!!!

Also next week the contractor will begin concrete pavement replacement along Greenwood Road at the intersections of Happy Hollow Road and Rebecca Lane. This work will be performed in phases to allow for one lane of traffic along Greenwood Road. However, we expect some travel delays as both lanes of traffic will need to access a single lane. Please use caution while traveling along Greenwood Road. Due to performing the work in phases, it will take 2-3 weeks to complete the concrete pavement repairs within the intersections. This will allow for proper concrete curing prior to opening the lanes to traffic and beginning the next phase of the intersection.

Thank you again to all the residents within the neighborhood for your patience and understanding. The project is moving along smoothly and ahead of schedule due to your cooperation. Getting the first layer of asphalt pavement installed along Happy Hollow Road will be a major project milestone and will greatly reduce some of the significant travel delays and dust along Happy Hollow Road. Please use caution and be patient traveling along Greenwood Road for the next few weeks as the intersection work will be on-going.