Friday, July 14, 2017

Roadway Improvements Continue. Concrete Curb and Gutter This Week.

Work Performed, July 10th to July 14th   
·         Completed water service replacements
·         Made final connections to water main
·         Began Roadway excavation and installation of gravel base.

Work Anticipated to be Performed, July 17th to July 21st  
·         Complete roadway excavation and installation of gravel base
·         Prepare for concrete curb & gutter installation
·         Pour concrete curb & gutter
·         Pour concrete sidewalk and driveways

The underground utility work has been completed along the project site including water main replacement, water service replacement, sanitary sewer service replacement, and storm sewer improvements. The project has now moved into the roadway reconstruction phase.

The roadway reconstruction phase includes removing the existing concrete pavement and existing materials below the pavement to obtain a stable base. The roadway will be constructed with a geotechnical fabric between existing ground the gravel base, new 3-inch and 1 ¼-inch gravel base with a total depth of approximately 12-inches, 9-inches of asphalt pavement, and new concrete curb & gutter.

The roadway excavation and installation of geotechnical fabric and gravel base are in the process of being constructed. The next step will be to prepare for and pour the concrete curb & gutter followed to fine grading the gravel base and paving the first layers of asphalt pavement.

Over the next 2 weeks, driveway access will be restricted to all residents along the project site. Access will be restricted from the time the string-line for the concrete curb & gutter is set to the paving of the first layers of asphalt pavement. The exact dates for the beginning of driveway restrictions is not yet determined, but it will likely start early the week of July 17th with access restored by July 28thThe Village of Glenview will provided notices to all residents affected by the driveway restrictions. The notification will include dates and times to have vehicles removed from the driveway, available parking options, and anticipated timeframe access will be restored.

As you are aware, a significant rainfall event occurred during the middle of the week.  Unfortunately due to the stage of the construction, a portion of the roadway was closed until the roadway could be made passible the following day.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding as you deal with the extended driveway restriction in the coming weeks.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Water Service Replacements Continue

Work Performed, June 26th to June 30th  
·         Pass necessary tests and received required approvals to place the new water main into service
·         Completed storm sewer installation
·         Began water service replacements
·         General site clean-up prior to July 4th Weekend

Work Anticipated to be Performed, July 3rd to July 7th  
·         No work scheduled to be performed on Monday, July 3rd or Tuesday, July 4th on-site
·         Continue with water service replacements

The contractor will continue with water service replacements. Water services will be replaced from the new water main to the existing valve and box located in front of each home. During the water service replacement, water to individual homes will be shut-off for approximately 2-3 hours while the transition from the old service to the new service is made. The contractor will notify each resident individually regarding the approximate time and day of the water shut-off prior to turning off the water.

As stated in previous posts, since this project is funded by the Village of Glenview, construction will not be delayed due to the current shut-down of IDOT projects.


Have a safe and enjoyable July 4th Weekend.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Water Main Installed

Work Performed, June 19th to June 23rd
·         Completed sanitary sewer services replacements
·         Made connections to existing water mains at Maple Leaf and north end of project
·         Installed new 8-inch water main along the project

Work Anticipated to be Performed, June 26th to June 30th
·         Perform necessary testing and receive necessary approvals to place new water main into service
·         Storm sewer installation
·         Concrete sidewalk removal as determined
·         General site clean-up prior to July 4th Weekend

Work next week will be minimal due to waiting for necessary approvals prior to replacing water services to each individual home.

Many of you have likely heard in the news about the potential for construction shut-downs associated without having a state budget passed by the legislature. This project is not affected by that potential shut-down since no State or Federal funds are being utilized.  This project is 100% funded by the Village of Glenview; therefore, work will continue without delay.

Thanks again for your patience as you have been dealing with water main shut-downs to make the needed connections to the existing water main.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sanitary Service Replacements On-Going. Water Main Replacement to Begin

Work Performed, June 12th to June 16th  
·         Sanitary sewer service replacements to homes on the south / east side of the street.  Sanitary sewer services on the north / west side of the street will not be replaced

Work Anticipated to be Performed, June 19th to June 23rd
·         Complete sanitary sewer service replacements
·         Water main connection at Maple Leaf Drive and Happy Hollow Road
·         Water main installation along Happy Hollow Road from Maple Leaf Drive working towards Willowbrook School

As work as started, there has definitely been an increase in the amount of construction traffic and inconveniences experienced by the residents along the roadway. Thank you for all your patience and understanding as you deal with the traffic delays, closure of the intersection of Maple Leaf Drive & Happy Hollow Road, water shut-downs (both planned and unplanned) and dirty roadways.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Construction to Start Mid-Week of June 12th

Construction will be starting the week of June 12th.

Work anticipated to be completed, June 12th to June 16th  
·         Mobilization of equipment
·         Delivery of materials
·         Tree removals / root pruning
·         Construction layout
·         Begin with sanitary sewer service replacements to those residents on the south side of Happy Hollow Road

The beginning of the week will see minimal activity as the contractor performs some preparation work prior to beginning. It is anticipated excavation work will begin on Wednesday.

Friday, June 2, 2017

2017 Construction to Begin June 12th

Now that the school year is coming to an end, preparations are being made to begin Phase II of the Happy Hollow Road Improvements.  The 2017 improvements will start where the 2016 Improvements left off just west of Willowbrook School and end at Maple Leaf Drive.

The same contractor, DiMeo Brothers, that performed the construction in 2016 will be performing the work in 2017.

Next week, you will begin to see some light activity including construction layout, utility locate markers, mobilization of equipment, and other miscellaneous tasks being performed.

Construction will start on Monday, June 12th with saw-cutting, mobilization of additional equipment, material deliveries, and start of underground utility construction.

The Village of Glenview will do everything possible to minimize the construction related inconveniences as much as possible, but as many residents lived through last year, many things are unavoidable. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Construction Work Completed!!!

Work Completed Last Week, August 15th to 19th  
·         Performed walk-through with Village staff to identify any areas that need to be addressed prior to project close-out.
·         Completed minor items that needed repair.
·         Opened all lanes along Greenwood Road to traffic
·         Installed pavement markings along project site.
·         Performed final landscaping and sod restorations.
·         General site clean-up.

The contractor will continue to water the sod until a healthy stand of grass is established.

The construction work is now completed for 2016 except for a few minor repairs items.

Phase II of the construction project will be completed in 2017. Phase II consists of Happy Hollow Road from the end of this year’s project to Maple Leaf Drive. The work is anticipated to begin in mid-June and completed by mid-August 2017, while school is out of session.

This will be the last Blog Post for the 2016 Construction Project. We hope that you found the information provided informative and useful. If you have any additional concerns or questions, please contact the Village Project Manager, Robert Steele, at 847-904-4423.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding during the construction project.