Friday, June 23, 2017

Water Main Installed

Work Performed, June 19th to June 23rd
·         Completed sanitary sewer services replacements
·         Made connections to existing water mains at Maple Leaf and north end of project
·         Installed new 8-inch water main along the project

Work Anticipated to be Performed, June 26th to June 30th
·         Perform necessary testing and receive necessary approvals to place new water main into service
·         Storm sewer installation
·         Concrete sidewalk removal as determined
·         General site clean-up prior to July 4th Weekend

Work next week will be minimal due to waiting for necessary approvals prior to replacing water services to each individual home.

Many of you have likely heard in the news about the potential for construction shut-downs associated without having a state budget passed by the legislature. This project is not affected by that potential shut-down since no State or Federal funds are being utilized.  This project is 100% funded by the Village of Glenview; therefore, work will continue without delay.

Thanks again for your patience as you have been dealing with water main shut-downs to make the needed connections to the existing water main.