Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Final Layer of Asphalt Pavement Installed

Work Completed Last Week, August 8th to 12th
·         Performed final testing of underground utilities.
·         Completed sod installation along Happy Hollow Road, Rebecca Lane, and Lawson Road
·         Removed and poured 3rd (and final) section of concrete pavement along Greenwood Road at Happy Hollow Road and Rebecca Lane
·         Milled 2-inches of the existing asphalt surface along Rebecca Lane, Lawson Road, and a few other miscellaneous areas.
·         Abandoned old water main.
·         Paved final lift of asphalt pavement along the entire project site.
·         General Site Clean-Up

Work Anticipated to be completed This week, August 15th to 19th
·         Perform walk-through with Village staff to identify any areas that need to be addressed prior to project close-out.
·         Complete minor items remaining to be repaired
·         Open all lanes along Greenwood Road to traffic
·         Install pavement markings along project site.

Sod installation is now completed along the entire project site. The contractor will continue to water the sod until a healthy stand of grass is established.

Now that the sod installation is completed in front of your homes, you may contact your irrigation contractor if your system was damaged during construction operations. Your irrigation contractor should be able to easily lift up the newly installed sod and make any needed repairs, then re-install the sod. The Village does not reimburse or pay for private improvements within the public right-of-way that were damaged during the construction project.

With the final layer of asphalt pavement installed, the major construction operations are completed. There are only a few minor items of work to be completed on-site prior to the start of the school year!!!