Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Construction Work Completed!!!

Work Completed Last Week, August 15th to 19th  
·         Performed walk-through with Village staff to identify any areas that need to be addressed prior to project close-out.
·         Completed minor items that needed repair.
·         Opened all lanes along Greenwood Road to traffic
·         Installed pavement markings along project site.
·         Performed final landscaping and sod restorations.
·         General site clean-up.

The contractor will continue to water the sod until a healthy stand of grass is established.

The construction work is now completed for 2016 except for a few minor repairs items.

Phase II of the construction project will be completed in 2017. Phase II consists of Happy Hollow Road from the end of this year’s project to Maple Leaf Drive. The work is anticipated to begin in mid-June and completed by mid-August 2017, while school is out of session.

This will be the last Blog Post for the 2016 Construction Project. We hope that you found the information provided informative and useful. If you have any additional concerns or questions, please contact the Village Project Manager, Robert Steele, at 847-904-4423.

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding during the construction project.