Friday, June 17, 2016

Construction Started!!! Sanitary Sewer Service Replacements Completed. Water Main Replacement to Begin

Work Completed Last Week, June 13th to June 17th  
·         Completed sanitary sewer replacements along Happy Hollow Road under the existing pavement.
·         Saw-cutting existing pavement along the project site.
·         Tree trimming along the project site.
·         Tree removal along Lawson Road
·         Continued to mobilize equipment and materials to the site
·         Excavate boring pit in anticipation of direction drilling the new water main through the Willowbrook School property.

Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, June 20th to June 24th  
·         Begin water main replacement along Happy Hollow Road starting at Greenwood Road and working west.
·         Directionally drill new water main through Willowbrook School property

The dust has been a concern over the past week. The contractor is committed to watering and sweeping the roadway on a consistent basis to reduce the amount of dust to the greatest extent possible. Unfortunately, the amount of dust will only increase as the underground utility installation continues by excavating through the existing pavement.

As the water main installation begins, there will scheduled water main shut-downs that will affect water service to each home. Affected residents will be notified via a door hanger the day prior to a scheduled water main shut down, please be on the look-out for these notifications.

Major construction as started!!!  Thank you for all your patience and understanding as the construction as started. Please understand we fully understand the significant inconveniences that you are experienced living in a construction area. We will do everything possible to minimize those inconveniences to the greatest extent possible.